[HE]Arts of STEM

Ideas and creativity at the intersection between arts and technology

[HE]Arts of STEM is a new initiative of Ulster University’s Research Graduate School (Arts) and the School of Creative Arts and Technologies, in association with FabLab NI.

Through free public events, [HE]Arts of STEM will present talks, demonstrations and creative exhibits highlighting how the arts and technology are informing each other in the early 21st centuryhow Arts/Humanities and STEM need each other!

The first [HE]Arts of STEM festival was held Feb 24th and 26th 2016 at Ulster University’s Belfast and Magee (Derry/Londonderry) campuses  and FabLab NI (Nerve Centre, Derry) as part of the 2016 NI Science Festival. We’ve since organised events as part of the Irish Sound Science and Technology Association festival and conference and the International Workshop on Digital Empathy.

Keep an eye on this page and social feeds for updates on upcoming events!

Dr Brian Bridges, Dr Lisa Fitzpatrick and Prof. Paul Mc Kevitt

Ulster University

Contact: heartsofstem [at]  gmail [dot] com